Monthly Archives: December, 2013

Medals stolen in Blackwell burglary

Burglars who broke into a house in Blackwell took several items of jewellery and four medals – all of great sentimental value.

M42 victim still a mystery

Police are still trying to confirm the identify of a man who was killed on the M42 at Alvechurch last week and have now issued a picture in the hope that someone will recognise him.

Third pedestrian killed on village highways in five days

A woman has been killed walking on a village highway, bringing the pedestrian death toll to three in the past five days.

Man killed walking on M42 at Alvechurch

A man walking along the M42 near Alvechurch has died after being hit by a lorry.

Pedestrian killed in highway tragedy

Police are appealing for witnesses after a pedestrian died after being hit by three vehicles on the Bromsgrove Highway near Finstall.

Three held after village alley fight

Police want to talk to people who witnessed a fight involving two groups in an alleyway in Alvechurch which led to three arrests.

Will the Green Belt be holed at Hopwood?

A planning decision is threatening to punch a hole into the Village Green Belt and set a disastrous precedent.

Police step up patrols after Alvechurch burglaries

Police say they have have stepped up patrols in Alvechurch after a series of burglaries they believe may be linked.



What on earth has happened to the leader of our district council? His intervention in the planning deliberations over a Green Belt field at Hopwood is surprising, to say the least.

Why didn’t our ward councillor support us?

Hopwood Residents Association and its community look as though it may be let down yet again by our local ward councillor and the Conservative majority of members who make up the district council Planning Committee.