Monthly Archives: April, 2008

Bag-free Barnt Green

Barnt Green is aiming to become plastic bag-free, with shops in the village already getting on board.

Council vacancy

A vacancy has opened for a Hopwood ward councillor on Alvechurch Parish Council after the previous councillor did not attend sufficient meetings.

A natural memorial

Hannah Genders surveys a site where she has been asked to help to create a very special garden.

Turning the wheels of history

Graham Mellor walks in the footsteps of medieval monks and winces at the conditions of Victorian workers in the Arrow Valley.

School drop-off dangers

Well, the first few days of the new school opening in Alvechurch were rather exciting, not only for the pupils and parents alike, but for the traffic and the parking arrangements.

Planting for the future

It is hoped that a brand new wood will be formed in fields between Alvechurch and Barnt Green thanks to a local farmer’s efforts.

Back to drawing board

Barnt Green Parish Council’s search for an office in the village has gone back to the drawing board after councillors decided the offer of the remainder of the lease of the former Lloyds TSB premises was too risky.

Elaine’s marathon effort

Elaine Buckett, former chairman of Barnt Green Parish Council hopes to have raised more than £3,000 for the Parkinson’s Disease Society from her completion of the London Marathon.

First day of school

As the new schools opened their doors to pupils for the first time, The Village was there to capture some of the excitement.

Village Book Review: The Molecule Man

Gripping yarn from Barnt Green author