Monthly Archives: October, 2007

New WI President

Chris Bould was elected as President of Lickey Women’s Institute at their October meeting.

Village plea: Help us raise the roof

Rowney Green residents are calling on neighbouring villages to help them to win £80,000 in a TV vote.

A people person for your business

Alvechurch-based Hilary Rose offers bespoke expertise in personnel matters.

Do we ban walkers, too?

What sort of miserable and selfish so-and-so is “A disgruntled road tax payer” in your September edition?

Missing out on highways cash

This area is missing out on highways spending, Bromsgrove council leader Roger Hollingworth told Alvechurch Parish Council.

Relief for the Green Belt?

Intense pressure to build houses on the green fields surrounding our villages could be relieved under new housing allocations proposed by the regional planning authority.

Poetry on film

Following the success of their short movie Expresso, Martin Nigel Davey (left) and Kevin Powis (right) have teamed up with Birmingham Poet Laureate “Spoz” for their latest project – a film set in a doctor’s waiting room, with the whole script made up of poetry.

Bomber crew remembered

The five Royal Canadian Air Force bomber crew who died when their Wellington crashed in Rowney Green during World War Two were remembered at a service of dedication in the village.

Horses were here first

Regarding Mr “disgruntled tax payer”, perhaps remind him that horses and riders were using the roads long before cars ever were.

Barnt Green ‘green’ plea

Barnt Green’s “village green” may be made more open to encourage residents to make more use of it.